COVID-19 Policy Enforcement

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Although we in OSCR hope that all University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign students, faculty, and staff recognize our shared responsibility to keep campus and the surrounding community safe during the COVID-19 global pandemic, those students who fail to follow the university’s COVID-related expectations, ignore state and local emergency orders, or otherwise act with reckless disregard for the health of others will face disciplinary action. In the Fall 2020 semester, student conduct staff opened nearly 3000 cases involving alleged COVID-related violations, many resulting from reports submitted by members of the university community. Thankfully, some of these cases could be resolved with simple warnings, but many resulted in serious formal sanctions. For example, over 600 students were placed on conduct probation, most commonly for testing noncompliance. And the subcommittees on students conduct dismissed 45 students from the university for such behaviors as hosting unsafe events, ignoring quarantine or isolation orders, and noncompliance with the testing requirement. We hope that these numbers will be much lower as we move forward.

All students are responsible for knowing the policies, laws, and orders that govern them at any given time, but this page is intended to provide a list of expectations, statements, and links that may help students understand how to avoid formal disciplinary action.

University Expectations

The university’s COVID-related policies and expectations are communicated in two ways: on the COVID-19 website at and by email. As students, you must read the relevant pages of this website thoroughly and you must read every email you receive from the Chancellor and other university administrators. The university’s expectations of students may change quickly in response to testing results, local outbreaks, new research, and guidance from public health agencies. If you fail to read a massmail from the Chancellor and miss a new rule or policy, that will not be considered a valid excuse.

Current Expectations

Please note that this page is not updated in real time, but we will make every effort to update it by the next business day.

  • Student Location: You are required to submit your Spring 2021 address in Student Self-Service as your “Student Location” and to keep this updated throughout the semester. For instance, if you decide in March to return home for the rest of the semester, you should make sure your “Student Location” reflects this decision.
  • Testing Requirement: Students living on campus or residing in Champaign, Urbana, or Savoy are required to participate in the on-campus COVID-19 testing program.
  • Face Covering and Social Distance Requirements: All students must wear a face covering in any university building, facility, and classroom unless they are physically isolated in a private space or room. Face coverings must also be worn in all public places and settings on campus where social distancing of six feet cannot be maintained. This includes outdoor spaces on campus and situations such as traveling to and from classes or events. (See
  • Building Access: Students entering buildings to attend in-person classes may be checked at the entrance to make sure they are wearing a required face covering and to verify their building access status. (See Both refusing to cooperate with these checks and providing false information to staff are violations of the Student Code.
  • Quarantine, Isolation, and Contact Tracing: Students are expected to isolate or quarantine when instructed and to comply with the contact tracing efforts of (and any other instructions issued by) the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District. (See
  • Social Gatherings: Private social gatherings are a source of COVID-19 spread within our community. Hosting a social gathering, particularly a large event, that does not meet social distancing guidelines, include the wearing of face coverings, adhere to state and local orders, and comply with applicable directives from the Chancellor will be considered an egregious violation.

Past/Expired Expectations (Spring 2021)

  • Chancellor's Directive - Essential Activities Only From 1/20/2021 to 2/7/2021: During this period, students were asked to “limit their in-person interactions to only the most essential activities: taking COVID-19 tests, attending class, purchasing groceries and food, going to work, engaging in individual outdoor activity, attending religious services and seeking medical attention." Students were also asked to avoid travel outside the Champaign-Urbana area.

Local Government Orders

All students are responsible for following any orders, ordinances, etc. issued by their applicable local governments.

For students who reside in Champaign, please see for information on the city’s response to the pandemic.

For students who reside in Urbana, please see for information on the city’s response to the pandemic.

State of Illinois Orders

All students in Illinois are responsible for complying with the state’s Restore Illinois plan and with any orders, requirements, mitigation efforts, etc. issued by the state. You can read more about Restore Illinois at For students who reside in Champaign County, you should pay attention to any requirements in place for Region 6.