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Office for Student Conflict Resolution

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Ethics in Action

Sometimes students will make bad choices which will lead them to have bad interactions with local police officers, faculty and staff members and other students. Ethics in Action is a 2 hour seminar designed to assist student in reflecting on the consequences of bad decisions and how they often run counter to their personal and professional ethics.

What is the format of the class?

Students meet in groups of 8-12 to discuss the concepts of ethical decision making, personal development, and ethical dilemmas. The classes are facilitated by staff members in the Office for Student Conflict Resolution or trained volunteers. Much of the class is based on small group discussions regarding the decisions which resulted in a student’s code violation and the degree to which those decisions reflect personal ethics.

What are the requirements of the class?

Students must actively participate in the class discussions, exhibit a positive attitude, and complete a written assignment following the class. Students should bring a pen and paper and the sanction letter for the incident which lead to their referral for the class. The instructor will review each student’s written assignment and determine whether or not the student successfully completed the course.

How can I sign up?

Students interested in signing up for the class may contact the Office for Student Conflict Resolution at 333-3680. The classes are generally scheduled in the early and late part of each academic semester. Students who are referred to the class by a hearing officer will be contacted by OSCR when the next set of classes have been scheduled. However, it is the responsibility of each student to ensure they contact OSCR to schedule themselves for the class.

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