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Office for Student Conflict Resolution

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


The Alternatives Program is a twelve-week program offered by the community counseling agency, Cognition Works (www.cognitionworks.org). It is designed for UIUC students who have been found responsible for violations which were or could have been violent.

When should someone be referred to the program?

Students who have been involved in situations which were violent or could have been violent will benefit from the skills taught in this class. Common referrals include those who were involved in:

What topics are included in the program?

The class includes the topics of choice and accountability, abuse and violence, anger, and building on conflict resolution skills such as “I” Language, responsible time-outs, and identifying maladaptive thinking patterns. The format of the group is discussion based and requires regular attendance by all participants.

How do students start the program?

Students must pay a $100 fee to participate in the program (the remaining expense of this program is paid by the University). Students will be asked to complete an agreement to participate in the program in OSCR before they are referred. Students should call OSCR at 333-3680 to schedule an appointment with a hearing officer to sign up for the program.

Do I have to be in violation of the Student Code to participate in the program?

No. If anger and violence are potential problems for you or you would like to learn to manage your anger and emotions more effectively, you may contact OSCR to participate. We congratulate you on taking this proactive step.

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