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Office for Student Conflict Resolution

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Alcohol and other Drug Offices

The Office for Student Conflict Resolution will often refer students to the excellent resources of the Alcohol and other Drug Office (AODO). You will be asked to sign a release of information with AODO so that they can communicate with OSCR regarding your completion of the programs.

Assessment: OSCR will often refer students to complete an AODO Assessment so that a licensed, professional counselor may determine the most appropriate kind of services that a student may need. A student meets with an AODO counselor over two sessions to determine their current substance use and abuse issues, discuss possible consequences and risks associated with their use, and are referred to appropriate classes or programs based on their needs. OSCR staff will require that a student complete the follow-up programs recommended by the counselor.

Click the links below to learn more about the classes offered at AODO. OSCR will sometimes refer students directly to these programs or the student will be referred to them by the counselor who administers the AODO Assessment.

To schedule an appointment at AODO, call 217-333-3680.

If you are unable to use the services of AODO due to time or distance limitations, your hearing officer may approve the completion of a similar program at a licensed drug and alcohol treatment center. Please make sure that you have the approval of your hearing officer before choosing this option and ensure that you sign a release which will allow the treatment center to send us documentation regarding your completion of their program. OSCR will only accept documentation which comes directly from the treatment center (i.e. you may not hand deliver it).

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